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Correlating Shares Prices

Today we have an interesting experiment. Let’s take a huge load of data on NYSE share performance, do some filtering and forward the result into Gephi. Take a look below for some pretaste.

Excerpt from the share correlation networkKnowing which shares tend to move with each other can be valuable information in your market analysis. It’s up to you whether you want to learn about Stock Data Downloader / Gephi first or whether you want to get your insights straightaway – here we go. more →

On the distribution of stock return

Having a model to predict the performance of a share would be great, wouldn’t it? In this article I will show that such a model indeed exists. From a statistician’s point of view, the rate of stock return follows a particular probability distribution (which is also one of the preconditions of the Black-Scholes model). Assuming that parameters remain stable over a period of time, we can also give probabilities for some rates of stock return. Got curious? more →

Log-normal distribution mistaken for normal

Quick question: Is BASF’s day-to-day rate of stock returns (shown below) distributed normally?

Day-to-day returns of BASF stock

Day-to-day rates of return of BASF stock

Yes? In theory it isn’t! In theory rates of stock returns follow a lognormal distribution as I have shown in “On the distribution of stock return”. Unfortunately, most people don’t take the lognormal distribution serious, although it is very often at work! This article shows how the lognormal distribution arises and why its shape sometimes mistaken for a normal distribution. more →

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