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Monitoring your usage of software over time

In office, we have some really slow software application. In order to show that the waiting times over the whole departement incredibly sum up and lead to high costs, I needed an objective measurement method. First, I got a manual stopwatch which allowed to track how long I had waited. However, I was not able to answer the question: “How long do I work with this program in office routine?” There are not so many tools out there and most of them were a little bit over the top. That is why I developed a small utility for monitoring software usage over time: Software Usage Recorder! more →

Arc length of a function

There are many applications for the arc length of functions. I came across it when I needed to calculate the length of a density function in an interval [a,b]. The formula reads

\displaystyle s=\int\limits_{a}^{b}\sqrt{1+\big[f'(x)\big]^{2}}\,dx

Do you grasp how this formula arises? No? Let me show you! more →

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