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Download Historical Share, Trust and Index Quotations

One of the more interesting applications of statistics is the analysis of stock quotation data. A solid analysis can give you an advantage when deciding which shares to buy. Also you can search for patterns; which shares move together with others..? However, the first step is collecting all the data which are required – and this is a cumbersome task!

Let's download historical stock, trust and index quotations for analysis purposes

Let’s download historical stock, trust and index quotations for analysis purposes

I found lots of discussions in various forums, on StackOverflow and so on. But nobody provided a solution for downloading a bulk of data at once. As a consequence, I created my own solution (which you can download here) based on the Google Finance API.

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Monitoring your usage of software over time

In office, we have some really slow software application. In order to show that the waiting times over the whole departement incredibly sum up and lead to high costs, I needed an objective measurement method. First, I got a manual stopwatch which allowed to track how long I had waited. However, I was not able to answer the question: “How long do I work with this program in office routine?” There are not so many tools out there and most of them were a little bit over the top. That is why I developed a small utility for monitoring software usage over time: Software Usage Recorder! more →

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