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Correlating Shares Prices

Today we have an interesting experiment. Let’s take a huge load of data on NYSE share performance, do some filtering and forward the result into Gephi. Take a look below for some pretaste.

Excerpt from the share correlation networkKnowing which shares tend to move with each other can be valuable information in your market analysis. It’s up to you whether you want to learn about Stock Data Downloader / Gephi first or whether you want to get your insights straightaway – here we go. more →

Download Historical Share, Trust and Index Quotations

One of the more interesting applications of statistics is the analysis of stock quotation data. A solid analysis can give you an advantage when deciding which shares to buy. Also you can search for patterns; which shares move together with others..? However, the first step is collecting all the data which are required – and this is a cumbersome task!

Let's download historical stock, trust and index quotations for analysis purposes

Let’s download historical stock, trust and index quotations for analysis purposes

I found lots of discussions in various forums, on StackOverflow and so on. But nobody provided a solution for downloading a bulk of data at once. As a consequence, I created my own solution (which you can download here) based on the Google Finance API. Please notice that using this tool might violate against the Google Finance rules declared in their disclaimer, because it downloads and saves the data.

Update: Google Finance API has been disabled in 2018. We now use Alpha Vantage. You need to get a free API key. more →

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